Our Story Is…

Beginning…or is it continuing? We have been a part of each other’s lives for more than seven years and it has been quite the journey!

The picture we chose above is a sailing ship that is either approaching a rising or setting sun. The best part is that YOU get to choose what it is and that is truly important.

If you have had a long day, you look towards a setting sun for a restful night. If you are seeking a new experience, you may view it as a rising sun in hopes of a new day. Whatever it may be, keep it in mind.

Quick Tabby and Tony history lesson and life update: we walked down the aisle in April 2018 in Morris, Minnesota where we had a combination of both Hmong traditions and American-style wedding. It was a day of joy and celebration which ended with a beautiful evening full of food and dance at the West Pomme Lodge on the lake. Looking back at our wedding, it felt like a blur! Every moment was so precious yet time continued and the day went on. Before we knew it, the day was over.

Sped up to the Summer 2018, we decided to spend our first year of marriage focused on two values that we want to shape our lives and family: Faith and Service. So here we are at Outlaw Ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota! Tabby used to work at the now closed Atlantic Mountain Ranch (AMR) and we both knew of Outlaw Ranch through Augustana University where we met and went to college back in the day. We decided that working at Outlaw Ranch over the summer will help fill our cups and allow us to be intentional about being servant to the camp and camp community before we left for our next adventure in August. And so far, we have learned so much! We continue to grow our faith, wrestle with what it means to serve and most fulfilling of all, experience God and our connection with the universe through campers, counselors, staff and nature.

Where to in August you may ask? Central Europe! Either in Hungary or Serbia. Remember those two values we mentioned earlier? We also decided to apply to the Young Adults in Global Mission program through the ELCA and got invited to serve in Central Europe from August 2018-July 2019! We are excited to accept and venture into this opportunity to live abroad and be servant to those communities in Central Europe. There is quite a bit going on in Hungary so we both are intrigued, anxious but also really excited. If you would like to find out more and support us, please follow this link to our YAGM Support page!


As you accompany us on our adventure, know that we really appreciate all that you are. Thank you for spending time to read our blog. Thank you for your support. We hope that this blog is like that ship in the picture, sailing towards a setting or rising sun, whatever it is that you need. Though your two captains may be crazy, we hope you treasure the adventure we are sailing on, from surrendering to chaos to accepting grace and peace.

Thanks for accompanying us and we will keep you all posted!Tab and Ton on Lil' Devil's Tower

“‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take’- Wayne Gretzky”
-Michael Scott


One thought on “Our Story Is…

  1. Daniel Belgum-Blad

    I am so happy I was able to be at your send off and dinner/fund raiser at Faith Lutheran. I have enjoyed reading your blog this evening. I love your idea for your first year of marriage! You both have so much to offer, such open hearts and minds… I sense you are in for a great adventure in community, service, and living in God’s grace. You have a calling…. I am forwarding this to my family….
    Will be thinking of you…


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