Laundry day

Well folks, I would first like to apologize.  I have failed you.  At the beginning of my YAGM journey I made a goal to write a blog post at least once a month.  That was THREE months ago!  I feel it is my duty to share this YAGM experience with whomever wants to be a part of it.  It is a responsible for me to share who I am becoming, what I’ve learned and give you all a change to learn alongside me. Over the past several months I have started writing several different blog posts which I never completed because I felt they weren’t “good enough”.  I have always found it hard to put my thoughts into words that I feel adequately express what is happening in my head.  The best way I have come up with how to explain my mind is doing laundry.  My thoughts and feelings start like a messy load of laundry.  Everything is a jumble of different fabrics and colors that needs sorting. I’ve never cared for laundry, it takes time and energy. That’s my brain. Constant jumble and needing sorting.  But once I begin the process, I can begin to separate the thoughts, categorize the ideas and eventually makes sense of it all so that it can be put back in the places it belongs: clean and tidy and understandable.  But all of this TAKES TIME AND ENERGY.  The past several months I have not taken the time and energy to sort through it all.  So, I started doing my laundry and I would like to share my most recently clean, sorted, and folded laundry load with you. I have been in my community of Nyíregyháza for a little over two months now.  I couldn’t possibly share all my experiences during that time with you but here are some experiences I have had and how they have made me feel. Happy laundry day!


15 times my community members made me feel at home

  1. The first day we arrived at our apartment, there were fresh flowers on the table
  2. Ákos knows how I like my coffee (with milk) and makes me a cup every time we are over
  3. The smell of the zucchini bread baking in the oven that Éva asked me to teach her how to make
  4. Adam, who is blind, recognizing my voice without me having to tell him who I was
  5. Gábor and Judit bringing us to see his parents/brother’s gravesite
  6. Szabi finding an English song for us to sing at choir practice
  7. György asking if we could stay overnight after spending an afternoon with them
  8. Judit giving me a choir binder, sheet protectors, and a bag for my choir music
  9. Tímea sending us home with canned goods (cherries, pasta sauce, plums, peppers)
  10. “Granny” handing me an apron and putting me to work making plum dumplings
  11. Being sent home with a basket full of produce from Granny’s garden
  12. When the Laborczi children bought us a chimney cake
  13. Watching Kristof and Tony make a Jack-o’-lantern, who they named “Jack”
  14. Being invited to several birthday parties
  15. Receiving an English/Hungarian New Testament Bible as a gift from our mentor, Pastor Erzsébet

10 times I’ve felt like I am exactly where I’m meant to be

  1. When Tímea told me that the confirmation kids talk about learning the Books of the Bible in English at her school
  2. When Fatima took my hand and led me back to the guitar, indicating for me to keep playing
  3. Every time I receive a big, sloppy kiss from one of the Élim girls
  4. When I am able to sit down with Levi, a struggling student at an afternoon English learning program, and am able to help him
  5. Playing/singing (mostly American pop songs) with the Roma College students for hours on end
  6. Helping Pastor Molnar with her gardening work at granny’s
  7. Doing a “contemplative listening” exercise with a fellow cohort member
  8. When members of Élim ask me to make friendship bracelets for them
  9. When Ezster grabs my hand to play hand clapping games
  10. Singing a Hungarian song to the tune of the Doxology (one of my favorite prayers) while marching down the street on Reformation Day (Oct. 31)

5 times I felt silly due to language/communication mix ups

  1. Telling a group “I am soup” (leves vagyok) instead of “I like soup” (szeretem leves)
  2. When I tried to ask a market seller for 3 chilies and ended up bring home 11
  3. When a market seller asked how many bananas I wanted, I responded “Banana”
  4. When we showed up to a surprise birthday party dressed as pirates because we thought it was a Halloween party
  5. When I messed up a fire drill because I had no idea what was going on and was wandering the empty building looking for someone I knew

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