The Season of Giving: Celebrating the Advent Season and Christmas in Hungary!

Receiving a gift graciously has been difficult for us historically. In the past, we have felt the need to always give something back. Since moving to Nyíregyháza, we have accepted much help and offerings of rides, meals, invites from those around us and find that just receiving these offerings graciously brings joy to the gift giver. Receiving graciously is a gift in itself. We are both very much gift givers and enjoy giving gifts to others to tell them we are grateful for them. We expect nothing in return yet we do not give that same grace to ourselves when receiving something.

The spirit of giving, that has surrounded us the past several months, has humbled us. We are still working on receiving gifts with humility, but we are grateful of all the gifts we have been given in both this past year (this YAGM opportunities, our wedding celebration, and our families) as well as the past several months in Hungary (friendships, meals, fellowship).  We thank God and all of you for being a gift in our lives.  Köszönöm. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Boldog Karácsonyt!

Vörösmarty Christmas Market
Here are some pictures Tony took of the Vörösmarty Christmas Market and Fashion Street while in Budapest.
Budapest Basilica Christmas Market
While in Budapest, Tony also got the chance to visit the Christmas Market at the Basilica! They project Christmas videos on the Basilica for all to enjoy! Shout out to our cohort friend, Taylor, for a picturesque shoot in front of the show!
Debrecen Christmas Market
Debrecen is university city that is about a 30 minute train ride from Nyíregyháza so we decided to visit! We drank some warm festive beverages and enjoyed the scenery!
Nyíregyháza Christmas Festivities
Keeping the Christmas spirit alive in Nyíregyháza! St. Mikulás comes to Hungary on the 6th of December so better make sure you have been nice 😉
Nyíregyháza Christmas Market
We got to explore the beautiful Christmas market in Nyíregyháza throughout the month of December. Such a blessing to be a part of such a beautiful tradition.

Above: We got a chance to ride a high flying swing that overlooked the Nyíregyháza Christmas market! Disclaimer: may cause motion sickness! Sorry for the poor quality!


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